Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Morning

Griffin had a great night.  He rested well.  During the night they were able to take him off the ventilator.  This morning the doctors removed his catheter.  When I was in the room with him this morning he looked like he felt better.  He has good color and is resting well.  When I would talk to him he would open his eyes and look for me.

Griffin rolled over last night and nearly gave his nurse a heart attack.  When he flipped over all of his monitors went crazy and he was still on the vent so it was not a good thing.  Two nurses had to turn him over and get him settled again.  They have put some little restraints on his arms so that he can't roll over.  He is still able to move his arms.  He was sucking his thumb this morning. :)

They have weaned him off of some of the pain medicine.  He is now on antibiotics.  His cardiologist came by today and talked with me.  He is very pleased with how Griffin is doing.  He laughed when the nurse was telling him how Griffin rolled over.  He has seen him in action and was not suprised by it at all.

I will update later today.  For now all is well and calm.  If anyone tries to call and I don't answer, just leave a message.  My phone is not working well in the hospital.  It does get texts better.

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