Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well Griffin is in the CVICU. He is doing great. They are weaning him off of his ventilator. His blood work is continuing to improve. The nurses are awesome. I will update in the morning about how the night goes. Hopefully they will get him off his vent tonight. Thank you for the continued prayers.


Jeremy said...

Thank you for keeping the updates coming, I have been thinking of Griffin all day. We will continue to pray! Can't wait to watch Griffin in the nursery again soon!
Mendi Hayter

BJFant said...

Great news. I trust the night will go well.

kristi-mckown said...

Praise the Lord for the wonderful updates!! We love you guys more than you can believe! As you know, we are traveling but I was able to get on the blog late last night as we were traveling thru Mississippi. Can't wait to hear from you today. PS) Everytime G looked at us in church on Sun morning he started laughing. :)