Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now we wait..........

We got the call today...... Griffin's surgery will be on June 9th.  We have to be in Little Rock all day June 8th for pre-op stuff.  I have about 1 million questions to ask, but the very nice lady on the phone asked me to wait and get my information packet before I start asking my million questions.  So we have one month to come up with more questions and to wait.  I think that this wait will be the hardest part for me.  I wish we could just get it over with.

Over the past couple of days I have answered lots of questions about how Griffin is doing.  The craziest part of this whole situation is that he is fine.  If you did not know he had a heart condition you would never know.  He is growing normally.  He is also rolling over, sleeping at night, eating some baby food, and trying to army crawl.  He has also been trying to sit up independently.  He is doing great. :)

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